Things to Find Around the Farm

Around the farm there are many different sights to admire; from the unaltered farmland, to the cattle grazing on the medows surrounding the farm. Often on the meadows are three miniature horses, and dotted at different locations around the farm:- two rabbit hutches, a chicken run with assorted breeds, and the dog kennels which are home to a labrador called Breeze.

250 Acres of Farmland

The cottages are situated in the middle of 250 acres. On the farmland there are various crops growing combined with meadows maintained for grazing by the cattle and horses.

Rare breed British White Cattle

Around the back of the farm, rare breed British White cattle graze on the meadows in the summer months. During the winter they are moved into the barns with regular fresh straw and hay, to keep them happy.

Miniature Horses

Along with cattle, in the summer months, horses roam the back meadows, with many of our guests keeping them happy with an assortment of treats, from apples and carrots to polos and sugar cubes. During the winter period the horses are kept in the stables, and on good days are taken out to wander the meadows.

Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

Opposite the farm house, there are a stack of three hutches, in the first are three Old English female rabbits (mother and two daughters), in the second is Roger (father); again an Old English, and in the third hutch are three guinea pigs, who can often be heard squeaking.

Chicken Run

At the back of the walled garden there is a chicken run which is home to around 12 laying hens of several different breeds; Norfolk Grey, Silver Laced Wyandotes, Cochin Bantams, Black Rock and a few other types.


At the heart of the farm are two kennels, the first is home to Breeze, our 6 year old pedigree black Labrador, and Mookie, our 9 year old Alsation lives in the second.